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Boarding Requirements




Boarding reservations are available for pack members only. Do not submit a reservation request for boarding unless you have already had an assessment day. If you are not a pack member, you will need to contact us to schedule an assessment day. Review the requirements for Membership under our Membership tab.



All dogs regardless of Membership status must have a reservation for Boarding. You may request a reservation through our email at or you may make a reservation through our online reservation form. You may also contact us at 703.585.1254 during open hours. You must receive a confirmation for Boarding. If you do not receive a confirmation, please contact us to ensure we have received your reservation request.



Our hours for arrivals and departures are:


Monday through Friday 
6:30 AM to 9:30 AM 
3:30 PM to 7:00 PM

Saturday and Sunday 
Saturday: 9:00 AM to 11:00 AM and Sunday: 9:00 AM to 11:00 AM or 3:00 PM to 5:00 PM. You must have a scheduled reservation. If there are no reservations, staff is not going to be available so be sure that you have a reservation. 



Our regular rate for overnight boarding is $36 per dog. Please note that daytime daycare is the same for all dogs. Which means if you dog is boarding for two days you will pay $36 for daycare and $36 for overnight boarding. We do have Pre-Paid Passes, which provide discounts for single and multi-dog households. Boarding rates include 4 potty walks a day, two meals (owner supplies food), and 12 Hours of Daycare Monday through Friday and 6 hours of daycare on Saturday and Sunday.



All dogs must bring their own food while they are in boarding. You may bring canned food, dry food, frozen food, and/or prepared food, but all items must be in a ziplock or resealable bag. No containers will be accepted. You may parse food out by day or you may bring one large bag with serving instructions.



All dogs must arrive on leash. At various times, dogs in training will be on the premises and may not be ready to interact with other dogs. Do not let dogs wander around property without a leash.


Boarding FAQs


How does my dog become a Pack Member?

All dogs must attend an assessment day of daycare before becoming a Pack Member. The assessment day is scheduled as we only permit one new family per day. We are generally booked a week in advance for assessment days so it is important that you contact in advance of Boarding needs. All dogs must meet Pack Membership requirements.


Where do dogs sleep when boarding?

Each dog has their own space in an open room system that allows the dogs to see other dogs and staff at all times. The ambiance of the room maintains the home like feel with low lamp lighting, TVs until bedtime, and warm fireplaces in winter. The dogs are separated by a 6 ft open fencing so each one has their own space to enjoy meals, water, and bedding. If there are more than one dog in a household they will be kept together in one of the larger suites. This structure allows dogs that typically have separation anxiety to feel more calm and relaxed at night because they will not be alone. Having access to see the other dogs provides the pack mentality and helps relax dogs - especially if they have not boarded before. 


Where do dogs go potty?

Dogs in Boarding will receive 3-4 potty walks outside. The potty walk schedule is 5-6 AM, 1-2 PM, 8-9 PM with an additional walk as needed for individual dogs. Dogs in daycare area are permitted to potty in the Backyard Area without correction, but may not go potty in the Sunroom or other areas that mimic the home.


What items may I bring with my dog?

We ask that you only bring things that will not be torn/destroyed by your dog. If your dog tears up beds, please do not bring one. If your dog does not destroy beds, you may be their bed, blankets, durable bones (no edible bones - benebones are okay), food, supplements, medication, collars, leashes, and tags.


If my dog needs medical care, may he board?

We have implemented a new policy that addresses medical care issues and services we provide for our pack members.

Services we do offer:

Administer daily medication for health issues, supplements, ear drops and eye drops that are not used for treating infection. If your dog is taking any medication for a contagious illness we ask that you do not bring your dog to daycare/boarding. Keeping all the dogs healthy is a top priority for us. 

Services we do not offer:
Post surgery care

Injury care

Hospice care

If your dog has visited a veterinarian for health issues that will require special care you must provide documentation from your vet describing the issue, instructions for vet care, and length of care. Modifications to our daily routine will not be made for dogs without documentation from your vet. Our facility is not conducive to recuperating from illness or surgery. It would be better suited that you have your dog board at their vet office so they can receive care from a medical professional. We are not vets nor do we have a vet on staff. We are not able to assess medical care needs.


Can I drop off or pick up my dog on the weekend?

Yes. Please see above Hours section for Saturday and Sunday hours.

If you would like to make a reservation, please visit our online reservation form or you may also email us directly at The Backyard Pack Email. Please do not submit reservation requests through text or Facebook. If you are not currently a member do not submit a reservation. You must request an assessment first to be approved as a member. 

Make a Reservation


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