We offer three levels of membership that is tailored to help provide a safe and social environment for the dogs in our community. We understand that without opportunities to socialize, dogs with limited experience will never gain the experience they need to communicate and behave well in a social environment. It is important to note that no aggression at any time may be shown to other dogs or our staff. If your dog has displayed aggressive behaviors in the past that have not been addressed successfully through training, your dog may not be approved for daycare and/or boarding.

All memberships will be placed on hold for dogs that have not attended daycare and/or boarding for more than 6 months. A new assessment will be required for daycare access and boarding reservations. 



Our Restricted Membership is for dogs that lack social skills and experience in a daycare environment. These dogs, while they do not display aggression issues, they can become anxious or too excited in daycare, which can easily trigger inappropriate responses from other dogs. Typically, these dogs will have little experience playing with other dogs and tend to be single dog households.


The Restricted Membership provides a separated space for dogs to watch and learn dog social skills without direct contact with dogs. A reservation is required for daycare and boarding for dogs under this membership.



Our next membership is Limited Membership, which is for dogs with some social skills and experience, but appear to become easily overwhelmed with large groups or high energy play. These dogs have some dog park experience, but will focus more on playing and/or interacting with people rather than other dogs. Generally, this is because they are not fully comfortable with social play and need some more experience. The Limited Membership allows dogs to attend daycare, but only on specific days as defined by our trainers.



Our next membership is Full Membership, which is for dogs who display appropriate social skills. The Full Membership provides access to daycare Monday through Friday without a reservation and boarding with a reservation.


All dogs that have not attended daycare and/or boarding for more than six months will have their membership status placed on hold. A new assessment will be required before any services will be available. 

Do not book boarding or arrive for daycare without scheduling an appointment for membership renewal. 



Daycare Assessment

All dogs are required to schedule an assessment day before becoming a Pack Member. The assessment day is  a full day of daycare and you are only charged a daycare fee if your dog is accepted. . There is no additional assessment fees.

You would drop your dog off during our morning hours of 6:30 AM to 7:30 AM (Monday through Friday only) and pick up during our evening hours of 3:30 PM to 7:00 PM. You must schedule your assessment day as we only schedule one new family per day.


Breed Fulfillment

We have a set number of memberships available for each breed category. Some breeds may have a wait list. If your dog falls under a category with a wait list we will contact you to add you to the list. 


Minimum Weight Requirement

All dogs are required to weigh at least 25 lbs to become members. 



We require all dogs six months and older to be spayed and neutered. Dogs under six months must have all vaccines to attend daycare. There is no age requirement for membership, therefore, as long as your dog has all required vaccinates (all ages) and has been spayed and neutered (six months an older)they can be assessed. Vet records are required as proof of vaccination and spay/neuter (six months and older).



All dogs must be fully vaccinated before scheduling an assessment day. We require Distemper/Parvo Combo and Rabies. We will accept either the one year or the three year for Distemper/Parvo Combo and Rabies. 


Fecal Test

All dogs must have a current fecal test. Any fecal tests completed within 30 days prior to the assessment day will be accepted. A fecal test must be provided within 30 days after the assessment day. If a fecal test is not provided within 30 Days, membership will be placed on hold and services will not be available until a fecal test is submitted. Fecal tests are required yearly for all dogs.